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Past Productions

Pollyanna is no longer producing live productions. Below is our full roster of all the shows produced in our 20 year history.

Pollyanna Theatre is Godsend for any teacher that wants to inspire their students to reach for the stars. The creativity of Pollyanna shows would inspire any teacher to think of unique ways to teach concepts to their students. Learning should always be fun and challenging. If you want kids to love reading and math, expose them to Pollyanna. You leave their shows with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Even adults seeing their shows can connect to their inner child  self. Teachers can use the study guides to encourage their students to express themselves through writing, art, and storytelling. Pollyanna should be a part of every Pre-school, day care and elementary school.


- Nancy Maniscalco, 35 years teaching in Plano ISD

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