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About Us

Founded in 2000 to promote theatre’s role as a powerful teaching tool, the Pollyanna Theatre Company reaches more than 20,000 school children each year with a series of top-quality theatrical productions.


Pollyanna produces only original plays, commissioning playwrights from around the nation to create timely works for children that engage, motivate and inspire. As the first professional company in Central Texas to produce Theatre for the Very Young, Pollyanna illustrates the link between theatre, literacy and academic readiness, a connection that is furthered by the company’s partnership with the early literacy organization BookSpring.


Quality and artistry are important and are at the heart of The Pollyanna Theatre Company’s work.

All members of Pollyanna’s ensemble are paid professional theatre artists who have professional experience and training in theatre.


While remaining a non-commercial theatre, The Pollyanna Theatre Company will work to compensate artists for their talents and efforts while keeping ticket prices within the reach of average school systems and families in our Central Texas service area.


We believe that young people need exposure to a variety of theatrical events in order to be culturally literate. Therefore, our productions will be held in formal theatrical venues as well as tour to community centers and school campuses.


The Pollyanna Theatre Company believes that being an audience member at live theatrical events is a right, not a privilege to be enjoyed by only the members of society who can pay for inclusion in our audience. Therefore, the company and its Directors are actively involved in providing the resources needed to include the most challenged segments of our service area, regardless of their individual ability to pay.


We see other existing arts education programs by other organizations as our colleagues, not our competitors. Our Company is open to creative collaborations and welcomes the opportunity to work alongside others artist who endeavor to reach out into the school and general communities that we all serve.

"Learning should always be fun and challenging. If you want kids to love reading and math, expose them to Pollyanna."

Our Mission

To commission and produce original theatre for young audiences that speaks to the needs, dreams, and imaginations of young people and the child that lives inside each of us.

Our Productions respect the intelligence of children and offer hope to individuals of all ages. Pollyanna supports general     education through teaching, using theatre as a methodology across the curriculum.

Our Mission

Our Founding Principle

It is possible to create a theatre organization where creativity thrives, where new dramatic literature is created, where general education is supported, where artists find a creative home, and where no child is turned away because of their inability to pay for their ticket.


Invest in a creative world

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