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2012 - 2013 Season


by Andrew Perry

Seth and his teacher mom are heading to both face their first day at a new school.  Moving to a new place can be sort of scary, but Seth’s Dad, who is away serving in the Army, has always taught him to be a real hero and to use his wits to turn scary times into fun times.  Seth quickly makes new friends but also faces the school’s bully.  armed with his bag of imaginative supplies, Seth soon saves the day and becomes the playground’s superhero!

This new play by Andrew Perry explores how children must face great challenges daily but can succeed with the help of loving adults and a great imagination. 


Best for children in grades 2 – 5.



based on the book series by Scott E. Sutton

dramatized by Andrew Perry 

January 2013

Hundreds of readers have fallen in love with Scott E. Sutton's colorful characters and illustrations after discovering his series of picture books featuring the imaginative world called Ree. This new play brings Sutton's world of Erfs, BeeBees, and wise, talking trees to life. In Perry's dramatization, the Long Legged Ploots are accused of a crime they did not commit and an untruth told reveals interconnected consequences for everyone living in Ree. Faithful to the well-loved characters and actions in Sutton's stories, Pollyanna's production will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, especially children ages 4-8.


May 11-18, 2013

Addy Plus loves to put things together, collecting all sorts of things into larger and larger groups. Addy finds great joy in adding. Minus Takeaway like nothing more than taking things apart. When these two characters meet, there is considerable confusion and conflict! PLUS MEETS MINUS is a fun, colorful exploration of two very different personalities and the results are many discoveries and both human nature and math.

Addy and Minus may seem like complete opposites, but they learn to appreciate each others' strengths and differences and together, they learn that compromise can sometimes be a great thing.

Designed for very young learners, PLUS MEETS MINUS will be best enjoyed by children ages 4 - 7.   

Plus meets minus.jpg
The funnybun family picnic 2.jpg


by Emily Cicchini

July 13-21, 2013

It's a fine summer Saturday and the Funnybuns are preparing to go off on their annual family picnic. But, being a clown family, nothing goes as planned. Papa Willie tries hard to keep the kids laughing, while Mama Lindy keeps putting on band-aids. Brother Happy likes to rope, roughhouse and goof off. But sister Buffy wants none of it. She's embarrassed by her clown family, and wants to be different. Willie has a sad but true secret, one that threatens to pull the family apart. Can Buffy find a way to follow her dreams? Will the family stick together? Come and join the fun and see! For family audiences ages 4 and up.   

"Learning should always be fun and challenging."

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