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2015 -2016 Season


November 2015

UNDER THE BIG TOP tells the story of two siblings Max and Landon who decide to host a circus in their backyard. They use objects they have on hand to become animals, a tightrope and everything else they need. Children have a remarkable way of seeing possibility, especially the possibility for play, in everyday objects and situations. Max and Landon use their imaginations so that a bag becomes a lion and yarn the handlebars on a bike. As they create their circus Max and Landon experience some ups and downs learning about the importance of taking turns and playing fair.

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by Emily Cicchini


January 23-31, 2016

This play is a theatrical exploration of many of the preliteracy skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. It is also a fun-filled 45 minutes when four good friends explore what many different people in their world do to keep things in their community humming along. But what happens when some of these people break their usual daily pattern of behavior?

For children grades pre-k – 2

Presented at the Long Center’s Rollins Theatre


by Gregory S. Perrin

February 17-20, 2016

Set in a history museum, the play’s characters (a group of 4th grade students) experience key elements of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s when iconic images from this important period of our national history come to life and begin to move and speak. 

Best for students grades 3 – 6

Presented at The LBJ Library Auditorium on the UT Campus

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by Bethany Lynn Corey

Play & Play Series

March 31 - April 9, 2016

Jamie and her mommy usually have lots of fun each night as they go through their ritual of getting ready for bed.  But Mommy is surprised when suddenly, the night before Jamie’s first day at pre-school, Jamie simply refuses to take her bath.  What could be wrong?  Young audience members will watch while Mommy tries all sorts of things to get Jamie into the tub and to bed on time.  A fun and tender tug of war that many children and caregivers will recognize.  JAMIE DOESN’T WANT TO TAKE A BATH invites Pollyanna’s youngest audience members to play along with Jamie and learn what it is to be an audience member all at the same time.

Best for children ages 2 - 4 and their caregivers

Presented at the Long Center’s AT&T Education Room


by Lou Clark

May 13-22, 2016

This play is based upon the life of Frances Slocum, a young girl who is taken in the early 1800s to live among Native Americans in the Mid-Western U.S. The play follows her personal journey through two different cultures and looks at each through the eyes of a young child. Pollyanna is thrilled to be working with award winning playwright Lou Clark again to bring her newest play for young audiences to life. YOUNG BEAR is sure to have young audiences thinking deeply about the definitions of family and belonging. The story of YOUNG BEAR, while based in a true story, is designed to take children on an imaginative journey through a different time and place.

Best for students grades 2 – 5

Presented at the Long Center's Rollins Theatre

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by Bethany Lynn Corey

Play & Play Series

June 8-18, 2016

Cook is planning a special surprise party and needs to bake a very, very special cake. Musician is busy writing a birthday song to surprise her friend. But just as they get started Cowboy wanders in and wants to help out. As Cook and Musician set out to get the party ready without ruining the surprise for Cowboy they are met with some surprises of their own. How can Cook back a cake when the eggs turn out to be maracas and the cake mix box is full of confetti?  Will Cook and Musician be able to get the party ready in time? Join Pollyanna’s professional actors in the kitchen for our next Pollyanna Play and Play production and find out.

For children ages 2-4 and their caregivers

Presented at the Long Center’s AT&T Education Room


by Holly Hepp-Galvan


July 9 - 18, 2016

This new play follows the story of young twins. These two may look alike, but their personalities are very different. While one is brave and not afraid to try anything, the other is timid and does not like to take any risks. Can these siblings learn to balance each other out? How much adventure is fun and how much is dangerous? Hepp-Galvan’s newest play for Pollyanna will have audiences both thinking and laughing as the action unfolds. A perfect summer-time trip to the theatre for both summer
campers and families.

Best for children ages 4 – 10 and their families


Presented at the Long Center's Rollins Theatre

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"Learning should always be fun and challenging."

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