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2009 - 2010 Season


by Emily Cicchini

What happens to neighboring beehives when the rains don’t come and the flowers don’t bloom and the bees can’t make enough honey for their hives? In resident playwright Emily Cicchini’s fanciful and fun new play, two proud queen bees, each with very different personalities and management styles, must finally come together with the help of a solitary blue orchard mason bee and try new ways to solve old problems so that everyone in the garden can thrive.

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by Lou Clark

June 17 - 21, 2010

What would happen if Jack of Bean Stalk fame and Cindy from Cinderella were best friends?  How might their stories be different if they had a good friend to rely upon?  Pollyanna’s newest commission from playwright Lou Clark explores these questions and the result is a new play your young audience members ages 5 – 10 will love.

Presented at The Long Center’s Rollins Studio Theatre


by Emily Cicchini



Pattern Nation is Pollyanna's third installment of the adventures of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, some unlikely friends who explore patterns found in music, nature and visual art, as well as patterns in human behavior. Pollyanna's youngest patrons loved Patterns and then More Patterns, making these returning characters some of the most popular characters Cicchini has ever created. This play is a fast-paced theatrical exploration that gives children in the audience an opportunity to recognize as well as make many different patterns, the building blocks of pre-literacy.

At Pollyanna Theatre we believe in powerful education through the arts. PATTERN NATION is a prime example of our dedication to merging the curriculum with audience experience. Pattern Recognition Skills are vital to pre-literacy. Young learners can not begin to master basic math or reading without the ability to recognize simple patterns. PATTERN NATION brings this practice to life on the stage. We would love to share it with your students.

Will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, even Pollyanna's youngest patrons who are ages 4-7.

Presented at The Long Center for the Performing Arts, Rollins Studio Theatre



"Learning should always be fun and challenging."

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