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2011 - 2012 Season


by Margaret Larlham

This production, co-produced by Ballet Austin, SYMPHONY OF CLOUDS told the story of the childhood of Mozart through his music. The production featured our company of actors working with dancers and choreographer from Ballet Austin. This show toured campuses in late January 2011. In-house performances were presented at Ballet Austin’s Austin Ventures Studio Theatre in early February 2011. Multi-arts teaching materials for both educators and parents, which feature activities in drama, language arts, visual arts, social studies, and movement have been archived. These and video segments of the production are available through Ballet Austin.

Symphony of clouds.jpg
Pattern Nation Waves.jpg


by Andrew Perry

May 10-15, 2012

Based on the very popular series of plays produced by Pollyanna written by Emily Cicchini, this new play is based on the popular concepts and characters that were first seen on Pollyanna’s stage five years ago. Designed to support important pre-literacy skills needed for learning success among pre-school children, PATTERN NATION: WAVES will explore the colorful world of waves.


Great for elementary school children of all ages, PATTERN NATION: WAVES will be most enjoyed by students in pre-K, Kinder, and grades 1 & 2.

Performed at the Long Center's Rollins Theatre


by Lou Clark


July 2012

Sampson believes his hair gave him strength. Rapunzel believes that her hair might just be holding her back. But both have dreams that take their imaginations into the stars. See what happens when two very unlikely friends join forces to make their dreams come true.

Rapunzels bad hair day.jpg
Greeks Alive.jpg


by Pollyanna Theatre Company Members

A new play for young audiences featuring a collection of myths including the story of King Midas and the Story of Psyche.  Wonderful for elementary school students who are studying mythology. 

"Learning should always be fun and challenging."

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