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A new play by Nick Kryah


Luna is a woman who lives in an alley of a big city in a beautiful house made of cardboard. Having traveled the world, Luna has filled her home with treasures and her heart with love. So much love, in fact, she must have someone to share it with! Inspired by the visual art of Joseph Cornell, this unique play mixes heartfelt truths with playful surrealism. Come meet Luna, Baby Moon, and Traveling Man — and see why the night sky is so magical. WORLD PREMIERE!

Ages 7 to adult

Rollins Studio Theatre at the Long Center


This production will be rescheduled as soon as safely possible.

For group tickets, click here or call (512) 522-5341.


A special note: 


Pollyanna is taking every precaution to keep our patrons safe.  Please note that all surfaces, props, chairs, etc that our young patrons and their teachers and families might touch are sanitized after each and every performance.  Pollyanna will continue this practice until the dangers of infection are well behind us.

"Even adults seeing their shows can

connect to their inner child self."

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