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Everything Is Round Full Performance Pollyanna Theatre

Everything Is Round Full Performance Pollyanna Theatre

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Everything is Round

Written and designed specifically for preschool audiences, Everything is Round is part of Pollyanna’s “Play and Play” series, which brings Theatre for the Very Young to Central Texas.

Playwright Nicholas Kryah hopes the play inspires young children – and those around them – to explore. “The world around us is full of lots of different shapes - square houses and triangular sailboats and round scoops of ice cream -- Everything is Round is a journey through those shapes,” he said. “Our explorers are two friends, Circle and Square. Even though they are very different from each other, their playful journey cements their friendship. They leave home to cross oceans and mountains and rivers and end up…home. Everything IS round.”

Producing Artistic Director Judy Matetzschk-Campbell said the play highlights what Theatre for the Very Young offers to its audiences: learning concepts, character development and fun.

“Everything is Round provides a fun new way for young children to not only learn about shapes, it invites them to see the individual shapes that are found all around us every single day in every single space,” she said. “It is the story of two good friends, Circle and Square. These two friends are very different, but they love to spend time together playing.  And just like all of us, they have personal preferences that sometimes don't line up with the likes and dislikes of their good friends.  The result is a fast-paced friendly competition between friends that will have even the youngest audience member laughing and playing along.”

”This was a great way to bring the theatre experience home.

My kids loved it!” 

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