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The Thing in Grandma's Closet

by Jonathan Graham

Grandmas Closet Graphic.jpg
Production Information

Full Length One Act Play - 70 pages

Drama, Comedy, Family, Loss, Memory, Time

Cast Size: 4 (3 female, 1 male)

Approximate Production Length: ~1 hour

Nick and Ally's grandma has recently passed away. As they clean her house, the downer of a day becomes much more interesting when they discover a mysterious contraption tucked away in a closet. Is it another one of the eccentric former science teacher’s failed inventions, or something she hoped they would find? The siblings put aside their petty squabbles and work together so that they and their mother can reconnect with their grandma and move forward from their loss. Through the action of the play, both Nick and Ally learn that there are many reasons to admire their grandmother that they never knew about. The siblings learn that their grandmother was a very successful scientist who overcame great obstacles to achieve her career in a day when women were not encouraged to love science and math.

Production History

Jan/Feb 2017 - Pollyanna Theatre Company - Long Center for the Performing Arts’ Rollins Studio Theatre - Austin TX

Directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

Production Photos
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