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The Tempest

Adapted from William Shakspeare

by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

tempest Graphic.jpg
Production Information

Full Length One Act Play - 37 pages

Drama, Adapted for Youth, Shakespeare, Magic, Fantasy

Cast Size: 8 (5 female, 3 male, flexible)

Approximate Production Length: ~40 minutes

This shortened version of the classic tale of mistaken identities, shipwrecks, and deserted islands make a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare's language, characters, and stories. Best for children ages 6-11

The goal of this adaptation of The Tempest is to introduce young audiences to the major plot which, like many Shakespeare's plays, is based on the conflicts within families, new love, and the battle between humans and nature. The more adult characters and themes have been edited out.

This adaptation also explores how changing the gender of some the most powerful characters in the play in many ways updates the plot, turning it into a play about strong females and loving mothers.

Production History

Aug 2009 - Pollyanna Theatre Company - The Daugherty Arts Center Theatre - Austin TX

Directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

Production Photos
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