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Sarah the Dinosaur

by Kathleen Fletcher & Andrew Perry

Sarah the dino updated Graphic.jpg
Production Information

Full Length One Act Play - 46 pages

Comedy, Drama, Imagination, Identity, Dinosaurs

Cast Size: 6+ (2 female, 1 male, 3+ any gender)

Approximate Production Length: ~45 minutes

Sarah is very quiet and feels like no one ever notices her. She is tired of not being listened to. While on a class field trip to a museum, she discovers a dinosaur that is just as big and important as she wants to be. When her teacher tells her that she “can become anything she puts her mind to,” Sarah decides that the best way to get attention is to become a dinosaur herself. She makes her very own dinosaur costume and learns to ROAR. At first, Sarahsaurus Rex gets all the attention that Sarah always wanted. But the attention does not stay positive for long. She bites her brother and upsets her mom. She begins to frustrate everyone at school when she refuses to settle down. Will Sarah ever give up being a dinosaur? What will it take for her to realize she doesn’t have to ROAR to find her own voice? Best for students grades Kindergarten - 5

Production History

July 2015 - Pollyanna Theatre Company - Long Center for the Performing Arts’ Rollins Studio Theatre - Austin TX

Directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

Production Photos
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