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A wonderful new work about Family and History by Kathleen Fletcher!


Allie, a curious 5th grader, has just a few days to find out about her family’s history for a school heritage day presentation. Pestering her abuela (grandmother) for family stories leads to a discovery: Allie is a descendant of one of the original Chili Queens, a group of entrepreneurial women in the 19th and early 20th century who supported their families by selling chili from sundown to sunup in the plazas of San Antonio. Although they have a rich family history, a question remains: why didn't Abuela share it? Allie's links to the past open up her future. Jumping between the past and present, this multi-generational historical story celebrates what everybody can bring to the table.


No copying allowed. Script is for personal reading purposes only. Contact us for performance and licensing rights!

The Texas Chili Queens by Kathleen Fletcher - Reading Copy

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