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Baby Dinosaur is missing! Can you help get her back? In this Virtual Adventure, the Magical Storyteller will guide your character on a wild search through prehistoric lands. Children can dress up as their favorite dinosaur (or any other character) to join in the fun!


  • Virtual Preschool Tour - Available for preschool/pre-K, kindergarden, or 1st Grade classes of up to 25 children per performance. Can present the show three times on the same day. Price is per show.

  • Recommended for ages 3 – 6.

  • Movement and participation-based story drama.


Pollyanna online theatre experiences are eligible to be covered by Creative Learning Initiative funds. Every public school in Austin has access to CLI funding. Please check with your bookkeeper about this today! If you teach at a Title 1 public school, we may be able to find a partial sponsor to supplement the CLI funds. Please email if you’ve already checked and your CLI funds cannot cover this virtual field trip. Only Title 1 public schools are eligible for partial sponsorships.

The Missing Dinosaur Adventure (<25 children/performance)

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