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No matter where you look, inside or outside of the house, it seems like everything is round. Except for everything that isn’t….. This fun new play, ideal for children ages 2 – 8, challenges them to see shapes all around them, no matter where they look.

Playwright Nicholas Kryah hopes the play inspires young children – and those around them – to explore. “The world around us is full of lots of different shapes - square houses and triangular sailboats and round scoops of ice cream -- Everything is Round is a journey through those shapes,” he said. “Our explorers are two friends, Circle and Square. Even though they are very different from each other, their playful journey cements their friendship. They leave home to cross oceans and mountains and rivers and end up…home. Everything IS round.”


No copying allowed. Script is for personal reading purposes only. Contact us for performance and licensing rights!

Everything Is Round by Nicholas Kryah - Reading Copy

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