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Winter is blooming into spring at the local public park as two young Squirrels are sent out to retrieve food from dangerous enemy Duck territory. After a surprising encounter with a passing car, both the young Squirrels and the young Ducks begin to question why the two groups have been at war for so long. However, nothing has changed for the elder Squirrels and Ducks who are preparing once again to march against each other in battle.

The young ones plead against the conflict but to no avail. Only after another near roadkill incident takes place is the battle postponed, but not cancelled. While the elders stew in their age-old hatred, the youth finally begin to try to get to know each other before declaring enemies. With the help of a new snack, they may one day even call each other friends.


No copying allowed. Script is for personal reading purposes only. Contact us for performance and licensing rights!

Ducks vs Squirrels: Battle for the Park by Andrew Perry - Reading Copy

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