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For Classrooms ~ Real-Time & Interactive!



Miss Pumpelhouse is Missing!

Miss Pumpelhouse is everyone’s favorite teacher, but on the day of the big class party, she suddenly goes missing! Luckily, her smart students are on the case. Creating their own scenes through mad libs, each child will act out a part in this fun, interactive mystery. The crazier the suggestions, the better! 

  • Great for Classrooms!

  • Maximum of 25 students per show.

  • Recommended for ages 6–9 or 1st-3rd grades. 

  • Presented live on Zoom – 45 Minutes

THEATRE FOR THE VERY YOUNG (AGES 3–6 / Preschool–1st Grade)

The Grouchy Gardener

In Spring, when Grouchy Gardener starts grumbling, her seeds sneak away to find another garden. And then, OH NO! They wind up in scary places where they can’t grow! Will they ever find the sunshine, rain, and dirt they need?


Bird, bee, and butterfly friends bring the life cycle into living color in this brand new show that’s sure to please Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. It’s also ideal for fun-yet-totally-safe virtual birthday parties! 

  • Great for day camps and preschools!

  • Maximum of 25 campers per show.

  • If you have fewer than 15 campers/students, click here to save by choosing individual tickets to our July 30 shows.

  • Recommended for ages 3 – 6

  • Movement and participation-based story drama

  • Presented live on Zoom – 45 Minutes


The Missing Dinosaur Adventure

Baby Dinosaur is missing! Can you help get her back? In this virtual adventure, the Magical Storyteller guides children on a wild search through prehistoric lands. Children can dress up as their favorite dinosaur (or any other character!) to join in the fun.

  • Virtual Tour for up to 16 children per performance 

  • Recommended for ages 3 – 6

  • Movement and participation-based story drama

  • Presented live on Zoom – 45 Minutes


Edith Wilmans on her Campaign Tour 


Bring history to life for your students and celebrate Texas women who left their mark on U.S. political history! This highly interactive theatrical adventure is inspired by REAL events. 'Great for Texas and U.S. History classes for grades 4 and 5, or ages 8-12.


The year is 1926 and Edith Wilmans is running for Governor — against another woman! You’re invited to attend a rally where you’ll meet Edith. As the first woman elected to the Texas State Legislature, she has a lot to say about politics and women’s suffrage. Learn about the history of women voting, important issues in the 1920s (many similar to important issues 100 years later), and why political representation matters. Come prepared to share what issues are important to you — Edith wants to hear them! 


  • Click here for our downloadable study guide!

  • Presented live on Zoom – 50 minutes

  • Ideally, this event serves between 8 and 16 students, each on their own Zooming screen, but we can adapt to fit your situation for up to 25 students if needed. Can present three programs per day.


What students and teachers say about Edith Wilmans & Her Campaign Tour:


- "Thank you for this opportunity to star me in a play. Ever since COVID started it made me mad because they had to cancel a play I was in and it took a lot of hard work for me to memorize lines. I also like how it was kind of freestyle since you come up with your own opinion and lines."

- "I really enjoyed the show! I liked how I could talk and answer questions that the cast asked."

- "I really enjoyed watching the play. I think that it was very interesting learning about what voting was like for women in the 1920s."

- "I really liked the way you incorporated today's problems into a fun play. The interactive parts of the play were very inclusive, and got me thinking about solutions for the similar problems we are facing today."


- "Thank you so much for this experience! It was a great break from the typical school day, which for us, has been online for a whole year."

- "Thank YOU!!! We all absolutely loved it!!! Like, over the moon! I was even a bit misty-eyed for certain themes actors touched on with relevance to our time... along with hearing all the connections my students made. We used the character creation part of the packet beforehand which really helped them. Thanks for creating such a great resource for us teachers!!"

Cancellation Policy:  Once a performance time and date is confirmed, the host is responsible for payment in full for the reservation.  We understand that sometimes schedules change, therefore, if a change in time or date is needed, we ask that you contact Pollyanna Theatre at least 72 hours before your scheduled performance so that your time can be rescheduled.  Any cancellations received after 72 hours before the performance time/date, including any that take place on the day of the event, can be rescheduled for an additional performance fee but are not guaranteed refund.

What real people say about Pollyanna’s Zooming theatre for the very young:

From a teacher:

”Thank you all! That was fun for all — teachers included. The children stayed really engaged even though they were in their own homes and not in the classroom together. We’d love to do another show in the future. This is such an inventive way to do theatre!”

From a parent of a birthday girl:

“Thank you so much for making Phoebe’s birthday special while we all stayed safe! What a wonderful party!”

From the mom of a boy on that weekend when the world froze during the pandemic:

"My son and I loved the play. You did a great job engaging with the kids. My son felt extra special when y’all called him by name. So nice to see him connected right now to people. Thank you for that. Great storytelling!"

From a family who attended a weekend show:

“My girls LOVED the show. My 6-year-old daughter Amelie said, "That was the best ever!" and then she retold us the entire story from beginning to end. They loved every minute of it, and it was just a brilliant way to play and act through Zoom. Well done! We are excited to participate in your next show for younger audiences.”

”We all absolutely loved it! I was a bit misty-eyed hearing all the connections my students made. We used the character-building part of the packet beforehand which really helped them. Thanks for creating such a great resource for us teachers!” 

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