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What? Especially for ages 2-5, Pollyanna Theatre Company presents two BRAND NEW stories each season that bring to life all the good stuff:

kindness, a growth mindset, and a fabulous vocabulary! We don't just rehash the same old stories. Every year, we collaborate with playwrights to premiere original tales (and weave in school curriculum fundamentals) just for our youngest audiences. Study guides provided!


Why?  Research shows that kids who get to see live theatre when they are little enjoy improved academic readiness, story comprehension, communication skills, and socio-emotional competencies. They also grow up to be quite sophisticated theatre-goers, eventually. But, people don't learn theatre etiquette naturally all at once. That's why we call this series Play & Play. We give our very young audiences a joyful experience they can handle with success. They get to sit however they want on our floor dots, they can wiggle and giggle.They can be themselves. They are encouraged to participate and, well, play at the play!


Where? Pollyanna's Play & Play shows are right at home in the George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center dance studio. This beautiful facility has much to offer, including lots of easy parking, picnic tables, and a playscape! Plus, the Carver Public Library is right next door.


How? All tickets are less than $10!


For groups of 10 people or more, click here!

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