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Bus Sponsorship & Other Ways To Save

LBJ Bus Sponsorship & Other Ways To Save!


We're so glad you're interested in Pollyanna Theatre Company's LBJ Presidential Library salon reading of How Miss Lady Bird Changed America, a new play by Holly Hepp-Galvan based on Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers by Kathi Appelt. 


Subhead: Ticket Prices (and possible ways to decrease them)


• Pollyanna's 2019-2020 group ticket prices:

10-19 tickets: $5.50 each

20-39 tickets: $5.25 each

40-59 tickets: $5.00 each

60-80 tickets: $4.75 each

>80 tickets: $4.50 each


• Creative Learning Initiative

If your school is part of AISD's Creative Learning Initiative, you may have funds available to help cover the cost of the tickets to the play! If you're not sure if your school participates in CLI, check with your principal.


• Partial Ticket Sponsor

Title 1 schools may qualify for a Partial Ticket Sponsor arranged by Pollyanna Theatre Company. These are provided by individuals in the theatre community, and are limited in number. If your school might require a partial sponsor in order to make the field trip possible for students/families to afford, please send an email to joy.pollytheatre[at] today, and we will do our best to partner your school with a partial sponsor. (A typical sponsorship can bring your ticket price down to about $3.00/person seeing the show.)


New for this show only! Bus Scholarships!

The LBJ Presidential Library is offering a limited number of generous Bus Scholarships to schools wishing to attend How Miss Lady Bird Changed America! The Bus Scholarship application must be turned in before August 25, so let's get your tickets reserved ASAP so you can get that going! Everything you need to know about the Bus Scholarship is here.


The LBJ Presidential Library Bus Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to schools whose students are visiting the library. Bus scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be limited in number, so apply immediately! The LBJ Library is located on the UT Campus at 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas 78705.


Bus Scholarship Terms and Qualifications:

  • Reimbursement up to $250 per school for a single school year

  • Available to Title 1 schools/or schools with 50% of free/reduced lunch 

  • Your bus scholarship request must be sent four weeks prior to your visit

  • Funding is limited and subject to availability

  • You are responsible for booking and initially paying for the bus. The reimbursement check will only be sent to schools, not bus companies.

  • Invoice for reimbursement must be received within 60 days of your visit.


Step 1: Complete your field trip reservation form
To request a bus scholarship, you must first request a reservation for your tour and/or immersive classroom experience by filling out our online field trip reservation form:


Step 2: Apply for Bus Scholarship
After you have completed the online field trip reservation form (using the link in step 1), you may apply for a bus scholarship by filling out the form below. Please fill this form within five days of filling out the field trip reservation form. You will need documentation of your school's qualifications as well as a school district bus transportation invoice.


Step 3: Order your bus
Once you have received confirmation of the bus scholarship, order your bus(es) as per the policy of your school district. The LBJ Library will not order your bus or pay for your bus directly.


Step 4: Reimbursement
To receive reimbursement, send a copy of your bus invoice to along with information about to whom the reimbursement check should be addressed, and the address where it should be mailed. Your invoice must be received within 60 days of your visit or reimbursement will be forfeited.

LBJ bus scholarships are made possible by generous Amplify Austin donors.


For more information about the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum exhibits, see . Please keep in mind that tours or other museum activities that you might wish to include in your field trip before or after the play reading will need to be scheduled with the LBJ Education team in advance by emailing .

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