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Ants Go Marching  A Play & Play Production


A Play and Play series production for preschool audiences

A plucky young Red Ant goes on a quest but finds herself in Blue Ant territory! A story of learning, communicating and building, Ants Go Marching was the first original play for the very young commissioned by Magik Theatre of San Antonio! Pollyanna is pleased to present this show in partnership with Magik. Together with Red and Blue, you will go on a colorful adventure of rhythm, dance, and new friendship!

Ages 2 to 5

Carver Dance Studio

This production will be rescheduled as soon as safely possible.

For group tickets, click here or call (512) 522-5341.


Is your school part of the AISD Creative Learning Initiative? If so, you may have funding for your theatre trip ready for you to claim and use. Ask your Principal about this possibility. All students enrolled in a "CLI" school have resources you can use. Visit with your campus administrators about this today. Pollyanna is an approved vendor and loves working with Creative Learning Initiative schools.

A special note: 


This play will be rescheduled. If you have purchased tickets your tickets will be able to be transferred to the new dates. 

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