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Pollyanna Select Plays

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A Dragon's Happy Day

by Emily Ball Cicchini

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A young princess named Middle is cursed and locked away in a tower, where she is guarded by an angry, hyperactive dragon. Lonely and far away from home, Princess Middle is befriended by a chameleon butterfly and a unicorn with wings, and they teach Brain the Dragon how to calm down and express himself.


Together, they break the terrible curse that binds the princess, and learn that “normal” sometimes isn’t normal.

Production Information

Full Length Play - 64 pages

Comedy, Fantasy, Special Needs

Cast Size: 5-8 (1+ female, 1+ male, 3+ any)

Approximate Production Length: ~60 minutes

Production History

July 2003 - Pollyanna Theatre Company - Daugherty Arts Center - Austin TX

Directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

Production Photos
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