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How to Check iPhone Carrier using IMEI number

Knowing what network an iPhone currently uses can be important for those who are trying to buy a second-hand iPhone or get the most cash for an old device. To use your favorite applications such as iphone free call recorder and photoshop. In fact, your carrier name should show up in the upper left-hand corner. However, if your device does not have a service or does not have a SIM card inserted, you won’t be able to see this detail.

You should not worry. You can easily find all information about your iPhone even without a SIM card or network connection. All it takes is your IMEI number and a reliable iPhone Carrier Checker. I tried and it worked like a charm.

Two years ago, I bought an iPhone 7 Plus from a guy at Amazon. Having a new iPhone feels great, but my happiness did not last long as I discovered that my iPhone would not work with a different SIM card while I was in Japan. I tried to contact the owner, but he had flown away. And I ended up losing my money.

3 days later, I looked up on Google for an iPhone carrier checker and there were tons of them. After 3 hours of search across hundreds of online IMEI checker pages, I finally found I tried their free IMEI checker and it worked perfectly. I got my report instantly without paying a penny.

To be honest, is the best free Carrier Check service for your iPhone models you should try right now. Their service is free and you get your phone info in seconds.

What is the IMEI number?

If you are wondering what is IMEI, you are in the right place. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number assigned for each mobile device. The IMEI number comes in handy when your device gets lost or stolen. Indeed, you can remotely lock it so no one will be able to use it.

An IMEI number also comes in handy if you buy a second-hand device. With the help of an IMEI checker service, you can check if your phone you plan to buy is currently locked to a network, has been reported lost, is blacklisted, and more.

iPhone Carrier Checker at

An IMEI checker reveals a lot of information about your iPhone, including Simlock status, Find My iPhone status, and Carrier Lock.

iPhone Simlock status: The Simlock status is one of the most crucial information about your iPhone. If it says “locked”, your iPhone is now locked to a network and you won’t be able to switch SIM card. If it says “unlocked”, you are free to use your device with any SIM card.

Find My iPhone Status: If you enable Find My iPhone, then your iPhone is still linked to your iCloud. That means you cannot sell it to others, as they are not able to use it. To get some extra cash, you are gonna need to turn it off. You can find your Find My iPhone Status in the Carrier Check report. If it says “On”, then Activation Lock is still enabled.

What I love about iPhoneIMEI is that they guarantee safety and privacy as your phone info will not be shared with third parties for any marketing purposes.

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