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Best King Size Storage Platform Bed

A king platform bed with storage is becoming a popular choice for people who need more space in their bedroom. A storage king platform bed not only provides a place to sleep, not only ample storage space.

The area under the bed tends to be a nuisance in so many ways with traditional beds. There are times that people lose some things only to find that it is under their beds the entire time. Aside from that, the extensive space the bed covers tends to collect dust that is quite bothersome to clean. The better solution is to transform the dead space into something more functional; a king size platform bed makes it possible to have some use for that empty space.

Oftentimes the compartments of a king storage bed are used for bed linens, such as fitted sheets, pillowcases, blankets and comforters. Those people who also have a generous number of throw pillows can use the space for storing extra pillows when it is time to sleep.

However, the additional storage it provides can also be used for other things, depending on the lifestyle of the person who stays in that bedroom. It does not need to be restricted to storing bed linen and pillows. For instance, if the bedroom is being used by a student, then the storage can be used for school supplies.

For younger children’s bedrooms, the extra storage can be utilized for toys. For teenagers, the compartments can contain bags or pairs of shoes. It can even be used as storage for books especially for people who like to read just before sleeping.

King Size Storage Beds

King storage beds (interchangeably known as a king size storage bed or storage king bed) are also what many people like to use for their guest rooms. It is very common for the guest room not to have much space. A storage platform king bed can hold the items the guest might need such as pillows and blankets.

It is better to keep the pillows and linens fresh instead of leaving them on the bed to collect dust. A stack of towels and a pair of bedroom slippers can also be stored. Welcoming guests would be as simple as telling them that they could find everything on their bed. Any small room that would need more storage space such as dormitories can also utilize this fixture.

A king size storage bed comes in different styles, such as a platform bed, or bed with built-in bookcase as the headboard. As these storage beds also come in different wood finishes, such as oak or mahogany, people can easily choose something that goes with the theme of their bedroom.

It is also important to assess the space a person can work on because the drawers and compartments can be on either side or both sides of the bed. For example, those who are planning to situate their beds on the corner should consider a one-sided storage bed. These beds are designed to hold the weight of both the people who would be sleeping on them and the things that are to be stored in the compartments.

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