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My name is Ann George and I'm a freelance writer and editor with experience in the field of general health, as well as travel, beauty, and lifestyle. I have strong technical knowledge on the characterization of antimicrobial effects of green synthesized nanoparticles. My core areas include scientific writing, Elementor, Medico-marketing, and integrated healthcare information flow.

I am not stating that my blogs are best in class that will be a little overstatement, but yes you will find it most exciting, detailed and descriptive yet simple and easy to read and understand.

While writing I also think from the readers’ perspective, I want to connect with my readers and give them the best reading experience. So I never use heavy words which will disconnect me from the reader and be a blocker in their imagination.

Recent Blog: It is a little off topic that talks about Men sexual illness Erectile Dysfunction and Men Premature Ejaculation. Most Men post 40's from around the world are dependent on medicines such as Buy Online Tadapox 80 mg to achieve a hard erection while a different medicine to prolong Ejaculation. In this blog, you can find a magic medicine that can help you say goodbye to men ED and PE.

Ann George
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