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Redox amphoteres are reactants that can act both as oxidants and as reductants depending on their reaction partner.

Similar to ampholytes, which react as acid or base depending on their reaction partner, atoms with average oxidation numbers can be both oxidised and reduced.

Thus, the oxygen bound in hydrogen peroxide (OZ = -I) can react either as an oxidising agent or as a reducing agent - do my homework , depending on the available reaction partner. With stronger oxidising agents, disoxygen (OZ = 0) is formed from hydrogen peroxide.

Stronger reducing agents, on the other hand, are oxidised by hydrogen peroxide with the formation of oxygen with the OZ = -II.


Acids and bases are among the most widely used chemical substances. So-called indicators are used to determine the concentration of acids and bases, e.g. by titration - chemistry problem solver . Colour indicators for acid-base reactions are weak organic acids or bases that have a different structure and thus different colours depending on the pH value of the solution. Based on the colour change, one can determine the pH value of a solution or the equivalence point of a titration.

Acid-base reactions

Acids and bases are among the most widespread chemical substances that are of great importance in everyday life (acidic foods, alkaline soap solutions - take my online class , cleaning agents) as well as in nature and technology (acid rain, mineral acids such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid, gastric juice).

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