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What you should know about children's theatre in Austin

Pollyanna children's theatre wants our young patrons to be comfortable, so our theatre has a "come as you are" policy.  You can dress up to come to the theatre or you can wear your favorite play clothes.  All are welcome.

Young patrons concentrate on the play best after they have had a meal or a snack.  So think about having a little bite to eat before the play starts.  And all patrons, regardless of age, are encouraged to visit the restroom before the play starts.  Theatre is a live event and we don't want you to miss a single minute!  

Remember, Pollyanna wants you to talk about what you see and hear at the theatre, but we want you to hold on to all of those thoughts and ideas and do your talking after the play is over.  Please remind young patrons that while they are in the theatre they need to stay seated, watch and listen closely, and do all their talking after the performance.


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"It was wonderful! The kids really enjoyed the entire experience. The play was very well done."