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2021 -2022 Season

Pollyanna returns to live performances!

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Everything Is Round live on stage

A Play and Play series production for preschool audiences


Written and designed specifically for preschool audiences, Everything is Round is part of Pollyanna’s “Play and Play” series, which brings Theatre for the Very Young to Central Texas.

Our explorers are two friends, Circle and Square. Even though they are very different from each other, their playful journey cements their friendship. They leave home to cross oceans and mountains and rivers and end up…home.

Ages 2 to 4

Boyd Vance Theatre at the Carver Cultural Center

May 4 to May 7

Zoom Performances Currently Available

For Parents:

Perfect for Birthday Parties and Private Events


For Educators:

Perfect for the Classroom

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A special note: 


Pollyanna is taking every precaution to keep our patrons safe.  Please note that all surfaces, props, chairs, etc that our young patrons and their teachers and families might touch are sanitized after each and every performance.  Pollyanna will continue this practice until the dangers of infection are well behind us.

"Learning should always be fun and challenging."

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