Tangled Tricksters

Tangled Tricksters I and II are two completely different collections of stories featuring fun and funny multi-cultural tricksterS from around the globe. Characters such as Hare, Toad, Fox, Spider and human trickster characters are found in folk tales from many cultures. Come and bring the children in your care to see and learn from these age-old legends that often explain how things came to be and/or teach life lessons about the importance of honesty. And have a great time while learning!

Created by The Company Members of Pollyanna Theatre
Directed by Jason Marlett (Tangled Tricksters I) and Judy Matetszchk-Campbell, Ph.D. (Tangled Tricksters II)
June, August 2004

Tangled Tricksters I received three B. Iden Payne Awards in 2004:
Pollyanna Theatre Company, Outstanding Production of a Play for Youth;
Alex Garza, Outstanding Actor in a Play for Youth;
Betsy McCann, Outstanding Actress in a Play for Youth.

Also nominated for a B. Iden Payne award for her performance in Tangled Tricksters I was Bernadette Nason, Outstanding Actress in a Play for Youth.

Tangled Tricksters II received one B. Iden Payne Award in 2005:
Betsy McCann, Outstanding Actress in a Play for Youth.

Alex Garza
Eric Davis
Julie Linnard
Betsy McCann
Josh Naughton
Douglas Rutherford

Bernadette Nason

Ia Layadi