In the Garden of the Selfish Giant

Maggy and her mother have come to Grandma’s for the summer and Maggy isn’t happy about it. She would much rather stay home for the summer with her Dad and where she can see her friends. But Grandma’s illness had made it impossible for Grandma to live alone. Tensions between the young girl and her mom begin to rise! However, Maggy makes a new friend in the girl next door, an unconventional young girl named Briana. As the summer passes, the young girls dramatize many stories together as Grandma’s health continues to fail. But the imagination of the young girls takes flight as they entertain themselves and learn what true friendship is all about.

This show was appropriate for general, family audiences and young people ages 10 and older, and was performed at the Dougherty Arts Center.

Directed by Judy Matetszchk-Campbell, Ph.D. and Jason Marlett
April 2004

Julie Linnard
Colleen Jendusa
Betsy McCann
Mia Young

Ia Layadi