Cowboy in the Kitchen

cowboy-300Cook is planning a special surprise party and needs to bake a very, very special cake. Musician is busy writing a birthday song to surprise her friend. But just as they get started Cowboy wanders in and wants to help out. As Cook and Musician set out to get the party ready without ruining the surprise for Cowboy, they are met with some surprises of their own. How can Cook bake a cake when the eggs turn out to be maracas and the cake mix box is full of confetti?  Will Cook and Musician be able to get the party ready in time? Join Pollyanna’s professional actors in the kitchen for our next Pollyanna Play and Play production and find out.

A part of the Pollyanna Play and Play Series of Productions for Very Young Children. Best for children ages 2 – 4 and their caregivers.

By Bethany Lynn Corey