Community Helpers on Wheels

By Award-Winning Playwright Emily Cicchini
Directed by Judy Matetszchk-Campbell, Ph.D.
September 2003

This interactive play by award winning playwright Emily Cicchini was designed to serve as a teaching aid for educators and caregivers of very young children (ages 3–6) as they introduce children to the concepts of community service and safety as well as safety signs & signals. Teaching materials were be provided that addressed the TEKS for Kindergarten and First Grade.

About the Play: Community Helpers on Wheels is the tale of brave, young Valentina who sets off one day to follow her parents in their jobs as helpers in the community. She should have stayed home with her Abuela: but she just wants to help, too! Valentina (whose name means ‘brave’) takes an amazing adventure. Children participate and sing along in the music-filled play with Valentina as she meets and learns about a policeman, a fireman, postal workers, garbage collectors and many more community helpers who all seem to zoom about on WHEELS. The play offers a fun, participatory, musical introduction to some very important concepts.

Alex Garza
Andrea Smith
Jennifer Harvey

Judith Druin

Ia Layadi

Kristi Smith