• Performance space minimum:  25 ft deep  x 35 ft wide x 20 ft high
  • A Cyc or production screen from floor to top of stage and suitable projector
  • Basic theatrical lighting instruments and control with capacity for side lighting
  • 2 crew members for 8-10 hours for load in, at least one with expertise with the venue’s systems
  • Venue must provide detailed information about stage, lighting, sound, carpentry, and electrical equipment well in advance.
  • Snacks and water for 9 actors to be provided.


LIBERTY! EQUALITY! AND FIREWORKS! requires a flat performance space of no less than 25 feet in depth and 35 feet in width with a ceiling height of no less than 20 feet from the stage floor.

A Cyclorama or projection screen that spans the width and height of the space (from floor to a minimum of 25 feet high) is preferable.

Our company travels with all basic set pieces needed for the performance and with a computer that runs all of the production’s projected images, a vital part of the production itself.  A projector capable of filling the Cyc upstage of our set is required.  Pollyanna’s staff will work with the technical staff of each venue to determine if existing projection equipment in the space will fill the needs of the production and if no, will work with the venue to rent/secure the needed equipment.  Equipment rental costs are not included in our listed production fees but will be quoted along with the travel expenses if needed.  Pollyanna will work to keep the need for additional equipment to a bare minimum.

Because of the use of projections on our set pieces and on the upstage cyc, it is vital that positions for side lighting be available.  Pollyanna’s Resident Lighting Designer will work with each venue’s technical staff to determine how best to light the space and will provide a general light plot for use in the performance.

The production requires an 8 to 10 hour load-in period the day before the performance.  Pollyanna requires that two load-in crewmembers be present at our arrival to assist in set-up of scenic elements. We also require that two lighting crewmembers familiar with the venue’s equipment and lighting system be present to assist our Lighting Designer/Company Stage Manager with their portion of the production set up.  In addition, we require that a crewmember that is familiar with the venue’s projection and sound equipment also be present at load-in.

We believe in being prepared and customizing our work to each venue.  Therefore, as soon as Pollyanna is contracted to perform in your space we request that your staff be available to work with our technicians so that the load-in process can be as smooth as possible.  Each venue is different and each venue has different equipment available.  We ask for a full list of your venue’s lighting instruments, house plot, a drawing of the space that clearly shows all electrics and existing lighting positions, sound equipment, and projector specifications as soon as possible.

We also will need dressing rooms that can accommodate our 9 actors and the crewmembers that travel with us.  We also ask that bottled water and light snacks be provided on both our load-in day and our performance day.  As our actors work as an ensemble that provides a great many crew duties, it is vital that they can eat onsite.  We suggest healthy foods such as fruit, cheese, crackers, as well as sweets.  It is not necessary that there be anything fancy, just nutritious.



Theatre for the Very Young is the style of Pollyanna’s Play and Play Series.  These are highly interactive productions that are written and designed to be a child’s first introduction to being an audience member.  It also invites the children to join the professional actors in the performance space throughout the presentation of the story.  It is a wonderful melding together of performance and Creative Drama and Creative Play.  For this reason, in order to tour one of these plays, we do not need a theatre space.  In fact, these plays are best presented in an open area such as the floor of a gym or cafeteria or large conference room or multipurpose space.
Pollyanna will arrive with a ground cloth that when spread out, forms the playing or “stage” space.  This ground cloth measures approx. 25 foot wide by 18 foot deep.  The set pieces that we bring with us for the production all fit on that footprint.  The children are asked to sit on the floor at the edges of the cloth where they can easily get up and join the action.  We travel with costumes, a sound system, and all of the props and set pieces needed to present the play.  No special lighting is necessary.
These plays are presented for audiences of no more than 45 children per performance.  Adults are welcome to sit on the floor directly behind their young audience member.”
A flat floor of approx. 40 foot in width and 25 foot in depth is ideal for one of our Play and Play productions.

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